Saturday, 24 April 2010

British Food and British Cooking!

Not sure if you have ever written a blog - this is not my only blog (wild food blog), but I always take a little while to find what to write about first..

This blog is about what matters to me. British Food and Cooking, Seasonal cooking, Food provenance and some of the best ingredients available in the world – ingredients made and grown here in Britain!

I am a home cook, I have a small garden and I love nothing more then to play around growing vegetables and herbs, nothing serious and not always successful but occasionally I get the tastiest and uber local food !!

I love British cooking, the classics and the modern! There is so much talk about the French classics that we always seem to overlook our own. British cooking is what we have grown up on so why not explore our own classics and if you’re anything like me tweak them a little and see what happens.

I am passionate about British produce as well and for many reasons. Whether it be supporting our own farmers, reducing food miles and in turn sending less pollution into the atmosphere or simply because it tastes the better there are many reasons to buy British and I will explore these as I publish articles.

Finally, and this is the primary reason that inspires me, British ingredients… I don’t know if you can hear it in my writing but I am beaming with pride when I think about it. British ingredients such as Worcestershire Sauce or Maldon Salt are globally marketed and sold because they are extraordinary and delicious.

So, if you love British food and cooking why not follow this blog and follow me as we create and talk about great British produce!

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